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We’re incredibly fortunate to work in an industry that, by its very nature, doesn’t attract crowds or big gatherings of people. Furthermore, a self-storage facility is a very low-risk enterprise in terms of the spreading pandemic we’re all currently facing. Our customers don’t choose our properties as the perfect places to bust out the piñatas and the party hats, and moving items into self-storage facilities doesn’t generally require more than a few people. That being said we, like any industry, have to consider how the novel Coronavirus may impact our business, and make changes to our operations based on those considerations.

With all of the information we have about Coronavirus at our fingertips, it’s very important that we develop some best practices. We know that they are going to be a little different from the way we’re used to doing things. Here are some of the considerations we’ve got underway:

  • Establishing a communication list of all of our customers, and making it available off-site. You trust us with...


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