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10 Unique Ways to Use A Storage Unit

People can come up with the most creative ways to use something beyond its intended use. Here at Starkville Mini Storage, we’re always interested in seeing how our self storage units can be put to use in ways we never imagined. Here are a few of the ways people have gotten creative with their self storage units.

1. Emergency Management/Bug Out Inventory

If you’re stockpiling items in case of an emergency, building a bug out inventory, or planning to rehearse bugging out, a self storage unit is the way to go. Very few people, if any, who are interested in prepping are going to consider a self storage unit for a kind of home away from home base camp where you can store all of your emergency preparedness supplies, foodstuffs, water, other nonperishables and more. While it can be cumbersome to keep all of these items at your home, you can quickly stop at your self storage unit to pick up all of the necessary supplies during an emergency or even just a dry run.

2. A Mom Cave

We’ve all heard of a man cave, but what about mom? For moms to get any alone time or time for themselves at their home is virtually impossible. Kids invade bathrooms, backyards, basements and more without a second thought. Who can blame them? They’re kids, and they need their mom. Well, sometimes moms really need a break too, and a small or medium sized self storage unit can do the job nicely. And turning it into a Mom Cave isn’t all that difficult or costly: an inexpensive bean bag chair or thrift store recliner, a bookshelf, a little radio and lamp are a great place to start. This would even be a really nice gift to put together for Mom for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or her birthday.

3. Couponing Stash

Extreme couponing is all the rage, but where are you going to put it all? Buying items in bulk to receive discounts is a great idea, but do you have room in your home for everything and your family? A self storage unit is a great place to keep the inventory you’re not yet using from your couponing extravaganza, and it’s still easily accessible when you need to get to your stash.

4. Run an Interior Design Business

If you’re an interior designer you know how annoying it is to have to store all of your client’s decorations, wallpaper, art, etc. at your own home. Why not make it easier on yourself and store these items and more in a self storage facility? At a facility like Starkville Mini Storage, we not only have climate-controlled units, we have 24/7 security to ensure your property is kept safe.

5. Wine Cellar

A self storage unit makes the perfect wine cellar, as long as it is climate-controlled. This won’t be a problem if you are renting a unit from Starkville, but if you are going to be storing part of your wine collection, make sure that whoever you use for storage has climate-controlled units available.

6. Run a Handyman Service

It can be tough to keep your tools all ready to go whenever you need them, or maybe you simply don’t have the space for them all. A self storage unit gives you access to everything you need and the opportunity to organize your tools and supplies however will work best for you.

7. A Home Away From Home Office

If it’s tough to work at home for any reason — kids, roommates, partners, whatever it may be — you may find it’s worth your while to enjoy a home office decidedly removed from home. At Starkville Mini Storage we have the perfect solution for you, with various different sizes of units available and climate control in every unit. Breathe a sigh of relief and get down to business at a generally quiet, convenient and comfortable space

8. Personal Library

You can install tall bookshelves and a small armchair for your own personal library inside of a storage unit. Nobody will bother you here, and you can read, surf the web, catch up on the local newspaper or the like in your own personal reading spot.

9. A Walk-In Closet

If it’s simply too chaotic and you don’t have enough room to keep your wardrobe at home, your self storage unit gives you the opportunity to enjoy your beautiful collection, bring along mirrors, try on outfits and more! Bring along a small table and chair and lighted mirror and practice your makeup too! The sky's the limit when you decide to turn your self storage unit into a walk-in closet.

10. A Gym or Workout Studio

If it’s difficult to get a home workout in at home, why not relocate your gym to your self storage unit? There, you can set up and workout to your heart’s desire. You can bring in a weight bench, whatever types of weights you like to use, and you can expand to larger units if you want to bring in a treadmill, stationary bike, pull bar, Nautilus equipment or whatever else you need to make your gym perfect for you.

Now that we’ve gone overall of these unique and creative ways to use your self storage unit, we’d love to hear from you. How do you use your self storage unit? What do you like about it? What would you change, if anything? Feel free to contact us and let us know!