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Best Practices for Self-Storage Facilities to Stay Safe During The Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

We’re incredibly fortunate to work in an industry that, by its very nature, doesn’t attract crowds or big gatherings of people. Furthermore, a self-storage facility is a very low-risk enterprise in terms of the spreading pandemic we’re all currently facing. Our customers don’t choose our properties as the perfect places to bust out the piñatas and the party hats, and moving items into self-storage facilities doesn’t generally require more than a few people. That being said we, like any industry, have to consider how the novel Coronavirus may impact our business, and make changes to our operations based on those considerations.

With all of the information we have about Coronavirus at our fingertips, it’s very important that we develop some best practices. We know that they are going to be a little different from the way we’re used to doing things. Here are some of the considerations we’ve got underway:

  • Establishing a communication list of all of our customers, and making it available off-site. You trust us with your information and we are going to take every precaution in handling that information. That being said, we are also going to make sure we can contact you if we are forced to close our facility or restrict access to any of our properties. As always, your information will be kept safe and confidential.

  • Preparing to operate with minimal or no staff onsite. Fortunately, storage facilities are already low-staff enterprises, but with lockdowns coming around state by state and even more thorough lockdowns happening at county and local levels, we want to make sure that we can work remotely. Our customers always have access to our facilities and their storage, but we’re taking some extra steps to ensure we have more remote access as well.

  • Practicing good hygiene. We like to think we’re already in pretty good shape as far as personal hygiene goes, but an event like this only highlights how important it is to attend to that. We will be practicing regular cleaning and sanitizing of any and all places that customers may interact in, and expect that our customers take appropriate precautions in terms of social distancing and their own hygiene. We will be wiping down keypads, door handles, locks and other frequently-handled places as frequently as possible; we do suggest strongly that you wipe down anything that someone else may have touched before you touch it. The Coronavirus can live on some surfaces for up to 72 hours, so if you think there’s even a chance someone may have touched that surface before you, practice responsible safety measures and wipe it down before touching it, or wear gloves. (Or both!)

  • We will maintain open access to all of our storage units and properties for as long as we are allowed. If we are required to shut down our properties, we will do everything we can to let you know about this as soon as possible. Our website will be regularly updated to reflect the most current information in regards to our properties, and please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions or concerns.

We are deeply grateful that you’ve chosen us as your storage facility, and we will do everything in our power to make sure all of your storage needs are attended to throughout this time. It’s wonderful to be part of such an amazing community with deep roots and a long tradition of keeping an eye out for each other. We know that we will get through this and come up smiling on the other side, and we look forward to taking this journey together.