family moving into new home

Top 10 Tips to Help Your Next Move

Moving, we have all almost completely universally agreed upon, is a pain, even in a lovely place like Starkville. It’s no fun, nobody wants to do it, and even if you have all the help in the world it still seems like a hassle. And what to do with all of your extra stuff: you know, the stuff you want to hang onto, but not necessarily allow space in your new abode? In today’s blog post we have 10 tips on how to make moving a breeze … or at least make it a little easier. Let’s get started!

Stock up on packing materials, including boxes

You can stock up on whatever you receive when you order something online, or head to local Starkville businesses to see if they have any extra materials you might be able to use.You’ll want to get your hands on boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, markers, packing tape, and newspapers. Stop recycling your newspapers for the time being: they make great packing materials.

Compare in-home estimates in writing

Any reputable mover will come to your home to evaluate your move and give you an estimate in writing. Compare those estimates, and go with one of the ones in the middle. The high-end ones are probably not worth it and the lower end ones probably won’t take care of your stuff. As for those guys who want to give you an estimate over the phone or online, skip them altogether.

Get the kids involved

Keep the kids in the know about what’s happening and get them excited about moving by letting them pack up their own items. It helps them feel like they have a stake in what’s happening, which is especially important if you have a kiddo or two who are resistant to the whole idea.

Get your new home prepped before moving in furniture and other large items

It’s so much easier to move furnishings into a space that is already clean and painted the way you want it, if differently from the way it is, than to move into a space and then have to move everything again to clean it thoroughly. The previous owners and/or your broker probably assured that it was cleaned, but check for yourself and if it’s not up to your standards, clean it thoroughly before moving in.

Keep an informal inventory

If you label each box with a number and the room they belong, then write up a quick inventory of its contents, you’ll be more easily organized when you arrive — and less likely to deal with kids’ (or adults’) fears of where their favorite stuffie or book or toy would end up.

Don’t procrastinate packing

It’s really tempting to just say you’ll start tomorrow, when in reality, if you start a month out and designate an hour to packing every day, you will be finished before you know it, and ready for your Starkville move. Whereas procrastinating will mean frustration, possible tears, and almost definitely some serious lack of sleep the few days before. Make it easier on yourself and work on it slowly over time; then by the time Moving Day arrives, everything will be ready to go, including you.

Pack using materials you already have

Paper towels make great between-plates-and-bowls buffers, and you can use them when you arrive in your new home. Clothing, bedding, and pillows of all shapes and sizes make great buffers too, as do stuffies. Fill your suitcases and plastic containers before you fill boxes.

Don’t forget pets and plants

Pets may show signs of stress at all of this change; make sure you spend some extra time with them and that they have adequate supplies at the ready for food, water, and the like. Plants need care too; don’t forget about them just because they can’t whine for food or water. Spend some time with your pets at your new home, too, to ground them and give them a sense that this is where they belong now. If your pet is particularly anxious, talk to your vet about a medication or try Rescue Remedy, an herbal formulation designed to calm pets down.

Relax about the unpacking process

It can be daunting to look at a mountain of boxes, but hey, if you packed a little bit at a time, you can unpack a little bit at a time too. Save the housewarming party for a month or so out, so that you have the time to really establish yourself in your new home.

Make a “load-last” box

Load last means unload first: this box should contain all of the absolute necessities for your family, whether it is your child’s favorite stuffie or doll, medication for anyone (including your four-legged friends), and all of your essential paperwork. You may also elect to include sheets and blankets in this box so everyone can make their beds right away.

Finally, take a few minutes to say good-bye to your old home and, when you get to your new one, a few to say hello. And about those pesky items you don’t want to get rid of but don’t need living with you? That’s where Starkville Mini Storage comes in. With three convenient locations, we’re sure to have one that will work for you. We have climate-controlled units monitored by cameras 24/7 to ensure your items stay at just the right temperature and remain safe and secure. Contact us today for more information. We hope your move is a successful and happy one.